Bancharedanda locals bar Kathmandu’s waste-laden trucks from landfill

Waste in Kathmandu hasn’t been picked up since May 28.

Kathmandu, June 7

The locals of Bancharedanda in the area bordering Nuwakot and Dhading district have once again stopped trucks carrying waste from Kathmandu from entering the area.

They say they will not abide by the agreement reached between government officials and the representatives of the landfill area on Monday.

Representatives of the Ministry of Urban Development, Kathmandu metropolitan city, Kakani rural municipality and Dhunibesi municipality had agreed to dispose of Kathmandu’s waste from Tuesday.

Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah, on Friday, had told locals of the area that he would use chemicals to remove the odour and that it would be done in a week’s time.

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But, the locals, this morning, have stopped the vehicles carrying rubbish from entering the area. An employee of the Kathmandu metropolitan city told Onlinekhabar that the locals had said they would not let the city throw waste in the Bancharedanda area until their demands are met.

Waste from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and other municipalities has not been picked up since May 28. The stench has increased due to the accumulation of trash on the road.

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