KMC enhances beauty through wall painting

The Kathmandu metropolitan city central office

Kathmandu, April 14

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has initiated enhancing the beauty of the city through wall painting. In collaboration with the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, KMC has started painting artistic pictures on the walls in public places.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed between KMC and Academy on February 29. According to the MoU, the Academy itself has selected artists and related organisations for the same. Now painting is being done in the Sundhara area.

Afterwards, the wall painting will be made on the right side of Tripureshwar Stadium, in the area from Maitighar to Babarmahal, exhibition road, international airport, Baneshwor, Minbhawan, Social Welfare Council and Lainchour, KMC Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol shared.

According to her, priority will be given to showcasing pictures having local cultural values. Sports-related pictures will be drawn in the stadium area while Nepal’s ethnicities and costumes will be depicted in the the international airport.

The artistic paintings to be drawn for originality will include traditional dances, costumes, musical instruments and physical assets of Indra Jatra. KMC expects the citizens to fulfil the responsibility to protect painted pictures. KMC further urges the citizens not to touch the walls with paintings, put any additional colour, put up posters or paper and disgrace the wall with any other object. According to KMC, these paintings will showcase the magnificence of Kathmandu’s heritage.

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