8 private labs in Kathmandu defy govt ceiling on PCR test charge

File: Coronavirus tests are underway at a lab in Nepalgunj.

Kathmandu, September 28

Eight private health laboratories in Kathmandu have decided to collect Rs 3,899 from each person for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for coronavirus.

It has already been 15 days since the government reduced the charge from Rs 4,400 to Rs 2,000. However, some labs were flouting the decision. After finding it, the Ministry of Health and Population had called them for a discussion on Sunday, during which they said they could not reduce the charge citing equipment costs and others.

A day after that, eight labs in Kathmandu issued a joint public statement and said the charge they have decided (Rs 3,899 per test) is scientific as per the standards set by the World Health Organisation.

These are the labs which have decided to charge Rs 3,899, almost double of the government fixed rate:

  1. Star Hospital
  2. HAMS Hospital
  3. B&B Hospital
  4. Nepal Mediciti Hospital
  5. Decode Genomics and Research Centre
  6. Saurya Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  7. Central Diagnostic Laboratory and Research Centre
  8. Intrepid Diagnostic Centre

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