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BuzzFeed, WWF and Khaag: What do they say about Chitwan National Park’s conservation model?

Perhaps the publication of a media report on the global conservation NGO WWF’s alleged involvement in providing assistance and rewards to nature park officials involved in human rights violation across the world and the release of a Nepali movie based on the memoir of a Nepali park ranger within the same week is only a coincidence. But […]

24 migratory birds found dead in Nepal’s reservoir

Kapilvastu, January 2 As many as two dozen migratory birds have been found dead in Jagadishpur Reservoir of Kapilvastu district in southwestern Nepal. Officials have suspected that some poachers killed the birds as 18 birds were found dead on Sunday morning. Six others were recovered in the evening in the same day. Lalit Gurung, a […]

Nepal to hold rhinoceros census in 2019

Kathmandu, November 13 The government of Nepal says it will hold a census of rhinoceros in 2019. Director General at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Man Bahadur Khadka, says the census will begin in January next year. “We have thought of conducting the census next year. We are currently looking for funding […]

Nepal tiger population up by 37 in past five years

Kathmandu, September 23 The government on Sunday made public the report of a recent tiger census. According to the report, there are 235 tigers across the country, which is 37 more than the 2013 count. According to the report, Chitwan National Park is the biggest habitat for the big cat. It is home to 93 […]

Snow leopard census concludes in Shey-Phoksundo

Jajarkot, September 12 The counting of endangered snow leopard has been concluded in Shey-Phoksundo National Park in Dolpa. The census was conducted with the financial support provided by the World Wildlife Fund. A team of 33 persons associated with the WWF, Shey-Phoksundo National Park and the Snow Leopard Protection Committee had started the census on […]

Nepal’s vulture restaurants are helping revive their population and generate income for communities

They are big, ugly, and have a bad reputation. Although vultures have been at the center of a love-hate relationship with humans — they are also our natural allies. Vultures are mostly carrion eaters and are a major part of the natural process of death in the wild. By devouring large amounts of flesh, these large birds help limit […]