What was Nepal like for Henrik Jeppesen who’s been to every country in the world?

Henrik Jeppesen, a 28-year-old Danish national, has travelled to every country in the world* . He says he started his journey in 2006 when he visited Egypt, and concluded his mission by visiting Eritrea few months ago. Jeppesen was also in Nepal, the ‘100th-or-so’ country he visited for two days. Jeppesen, who went about his mission […]

Nepal’s pioneer contemporary painter Giri’s journey from Varanasi to Norway

Pramila Giri is among the pioneer painters of Nepal, a noted sculptor and painter who has exhibited not just in Nepal but in Norway, India, the US, and several other countries. Among the first generation of contemporary women painters, Giri’s career spans over several decades. She recently held a solo exhibition, after 14 years, at the Nepal […]