Cool Boyyy: Nepal’s successful YouTuber tells you his secrets

Cool Boyyy is one of the successful YouTubers in Nepal of late.
Cool Boyyy is one of the most successful YouTubers in Nepal of late.

It has not been more than a year since Paras Bam Thakuri started posting videos on YouTube as Cool Boyyy. But in no time, he has become one of the most successful YouTubers.

In such a short period, he has garnered huge popularity through his content on YouTube as his channel currently has over 140K subscribers and around five million views in total. The numbers clearly show the range of popularity he has achieved to date. He is on other platforms such as TikTok also, where he is equally successful.

Cool Boyyy, as a successful YouTuber, can be an inspiration for the people who have been working on creating content, which looks strong and of good quality, for years but has remained unnoticed by the audience.

Cool Boyyy has got a message for all those people looking forward to flourishing their YouTube channels as successful YouTubers. So, what are they?

Here, we have a brief chat with him. 

As a successful YouTuber in Nepal, how much time do you invest in creating content? 

It takes a lot of time to create a video. For me, it can take my entire day or even more. I post daily life vlogs, comedy and informative videos. In that regard, I have to play different characters in my videos, which takes more time. The editing also takes a quite long time.  

How do you decide the subject of the content? 

I have always loved to make reels and vlogs. I get inspired by renowned and successful YouTubers and learn from them. I love to make content on current affairs happenings around my surrounding, which my audience can easily relate to. Moreover, my viewers are from the age group 18-26. So I post content that is relatable and acceptable to them.

How do you take criticism? Is criticism helpful? 

There must be criticism because it allows you to realise your mistakes and good things. The criticisms also help you know about the changes that you should bring in upcoming content to establish yourself as a successful YouTuber.

As a successful YouTuber, what challenges have you faced so far and how do you overcome them?  

Initially, my family didn’t support my work as a YouTuber. They were unhappy with what I was doing. Those things used to demotivate me. But now I have proved myself.  From YouTube, I am living on my own. They are happy with me now. 

Cool Boyyy
Cool Boyyy
What’s your message for those who are not getting a good number of views on YouTube despite having strong content?

First of all, I don’t care about views and likes. If your content is good, one day it will boom for sure. Have some patience. Believe in yourself and continue focusing on creating good content. Afterwards, likes and views will chase you. 

What’s your message to those who aspire to become professionally successful YouTubers?

If you love creating things and you think differently, YouTube is a good platform for you. If you have the will to do something, go for it. Everybody starts from zero. I was also once a beginner. So stay motivated and focus on your good sides. 

Think differently because this is the most necessary thing to become a YouTuber.  

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