Yet another govt employee accused of corruption commits suicide

File: Hari Prasad Acharya

Kathmandu, August 12

Another government employee who was facing a corruption case at the Special Court reportedly committed suicide on Saturday night.

Nayab subba Hari Prasad Acharya was one among seven persons indicted by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority in connection with a case in which the Land Revenue Office in Kalanki registered a public land in a person’s name. After the CIAA registered the case on May 17, he had resigned from the position.

Police say Acharya killed himself in Udayapur district of eastern Nepal on Saturday. “We have been reported that he was missing since the previous day immediately after he came to the district. We had launched a search mission on the basis of that,” DSP Hari Krishna KC of the Udayapur District Police Office says.

Police had found his body handing to a tree in Shikharkhuttle forest, around one kilometre away from his house. There was a two-page suicide note in his pocket.

This is the third case of such kind reported in the past month. In the third week of July, former joint secretary Ram Bahadur Pandeyhad killed himself in Kathmandu. A few days later, nayab subba Yukta Prasad Shrestha had also committed suicide in the capital.

Published on August 12th, Monday, 2019 1:35 PM

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  • Rakshya Acharya says: | August 12 2019 3:19pm

    He is my big father and I know him very well.He was not like other people. He was not clever and smart. I was there in Nepal He was charged for corruption. From the first day he talked with me. He is not clever like others. And what happened was wrong and I asked for clarification and all. But the officer did not try to understand the situation. This mistake on land would be known to government anyhow but everytime he had to go court and reach there where ever he was. He used to come to my home. It was literally not the way those officers did. They should know that this can mentally affect people. There is no proper explanation and counselling. I am so much pissed off.If he thought corruption a small thing, he wouldn’t have taken this step. I blame government and the irresponsible government officers for this. They don’t know how to handle cases. Every case should be looked for severity and when a person has already accepted that it happened unknowingly and regretted for everything that happened, there remains no law to tourture him like this. I am also an education citizen and I never support criminals. But I want to ask the government, were those steps right? There are many out there , even politicians who are corrupt, almost all; why don’t u catch them and you are running after innocents those who want asked for forgiveness and the crime he did could be handled properly There should have been some chances for improvement, he has also contributed lot for all years he worked, this is not what he deserved. A law should be there to give them a chance to improve and I know he was among those who would improve and contribute a lot. Shame on u, government. These all affected him mentally. He was so different. You can ask anyone, he didn’t used to like people who were cheating and oversmart as he wasn’t one of them.


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