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History of Dalit movements in Nepal: Much has been achieved, but discrimination still exists

Dalits are those communities that have been oppressed, and marginalised in the worst forms for millenniums in the name of caste, the major practice of social stratification in the Hindu society in South Asia. Also termed ‘Achhoots’ (meaning ‘untouchables) by the radical enforcers of the extremely rigid caste system, the Dalits are not included even […]

13 best songs of 1974 AD that their fans shouldn’t miss out

1974 AD, who have been rocking the Nepali music scene for the past 26 years, are one of the greatest bands, if not the greatest, of all time. Founded by Nirakar Yakthumba and Phiroj Syangden with Bhanu A (who later left the band) in the early ’90s, the band had Adrian Pradhan, Sanjay Shrestha, Manoj […]

Naag Panchami: Here’s what you need to know about annual serpent festival

Today is Naag Panchami, the festival of snakes. This Hindu festival is celebrated across Nepal and India on the fifth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Shrawan (Shrawan Shukla Pakhya Panchami). It is another rendition of the Hindus celebrating various aspects of nature, this time by celebrating for and worshipping the […]

7 reasons why Narendra Modi is unpopular in Nepal

When the current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected for the first time in 2014, the aura of his personality spread like ripples in the Indian subcontinent and was felt in Nepal also. And, when he became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Nepal after 17 years and addressed Parliament in his early […]

Your phone and laptop can work as library for your kids during lockdown

Reading habits in the 21st century have changed significantly with an exponential use of the internet. People are more dependent on hypertexts and hypermedia. Such dependency has been more visible on children who are using their (parents’) smartphones and laptops as sources of information. However, how the children grasp knowledge and the sources of information […]

Kill your lockdown lethargy with this evergreen satire by MaHa

As the world is adopting social distancing and isolation to protect humanity from the novel coronavirus infection, Nepal has also gone on lockdown since last Tuesday. It seems for the Nepalis, who used to be busy with their own schedules every day, there is nothing much to do outside now. But still, there are many […]

Social work study is in fashion in Nepal, but it’s inadequate to groom professionals

Shreeprabha Kshetri (name changed) is in the middle of her second-year studies of the three-year Bachelor of Arts programme offered by the Tribhuvan University. One of her majors is social work; she knows the subject requires a lot of practical skills. “But the teachers just teach at class, that too quite superficially, and go off,” […]

Barta Gandharva: This singer, already known in the industry, feels discriminated against, consistently

For many who followed the first season of The Voice of Nepal, Barta Gandharva has been a talented musician with exquisite sarangi-playing talent and a soothing voice. But perhaps most of them did not know that Gandharva was already in the music scene for many years before the competition. Her first album, Gurnas Phulyo, was […]

‘There’s risk that anti-trafficking advocacy in Nepal may reinforce patriarchal ideas about women’

For more than seven decades, human trafficking has been a major issue for Nepal, with people being coerced or deceived and traded domestically and cross-border. The National Human Rights Commission’s annual trafficking in persons report for the fiscal year 2018/2019 has stated that 175 cases of human trafficking have been registered in Nepal, but it […]

Jerusha Rai: This singer’s growth reflects how Nepali indie music is turning more creative–and inclusive

When Jerusha Rai started writing music in 2011, the Nepali independent or underground music scene had very limited space. “For many, underground music just meant music in the metal genre, where only boys could usually go to,” she remembers, “The scenario is changing gradually.” Rai, 28, produces ambient soft rock music and electronic music with […]

Khokana hasn’t stopped producing mustard oil, but the mode of production has changed

Bhim Lal Maharjan, an 81-year-old resident of the ancient town of Khokana in southern Lalitpur, harks back to the good old days when he used to carry a kharpan (a bamboo pole to carry goods by balancing it on the shoulder of the carrier) carrying mustard oil and roam around the Kathmandu Valley. “I used […]

Pyang-gaun will soon stop making pyangs. Then, it will lose its identity

Man Bahadur Maharjan (Jyapu) learned to make pyang, a cylindrical container made of bamboo sheets when he was very young. Today, he is one of the few people who can make pyangs in the entire Pyang-gaun (the Pyang village) in Lalitpur district, south of Kathmandu. With not many young people interested in carrying the torch […]

Sukul’s heyday is gone. Siddhipur locals want to revive it now

Once, sukuls used to be a daily essential in Nepali households. Gradually, people forgot them due to newer, easier options. But, some locals in a small town in Kathmandu are committed to their preservation.      Krishna Bahadur Maharjan, a resident of Siddhipur town in northeastern Lalitpur, does not remember when he learned to weave a sukul, […]

Around 2,000 owls are smuggled abroad from Nepal every year, but stakeholders are least concerned

Police arresting people with a poached wild animal and their body parts is no more news in Nepal–for they happen too frequently. However, perhaps a very few Nepalis have heard that owls are also smuggled from the country. Experts say owl smuggling is also a significant problem in the field of wildlife conservation in Nepal, […]

Sex, sexism and social media: Why are Australia Kaanda and the like so popular in Nepal?

“Kasai lai Australia Kaanda chahieko chha? Comment garnuhos, ma pathaidiula. (Does anybody want the Australia Kaanda? Comment and I will send it to you.)” The above statement appeared in many tweets in the second half of January. Many social media users, by now, have already known that it was all about a pornographic video supposedly of […]

This man cannot walk independently. Now he hopes his artworks will take him around the world

For the past six years, Ramesh Barahi has been trying his hand at painting, but he does not have the comfort of boasting himself as an artist at various events and gatherings. Owing to a physical disability, he cannot move alone. Yet, this 32-year-old man from Sundhara of the ancient Patan city in Kathmandu is […]

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