12 best performances from 4 seasons of Yomari Sessions that you should not miss out

Amuse Group/Katha Haru crew recording the performance of the Band Space. Photo Credit: Amuse Group’s Facebook Page

Yomari Sessions are a series of musical performances recorded and shot live in just one take. It has been four years that Amuse Group-Katha Haru started the production of Yomari Sessions, which have created amazing performances from many talented independent musicians and bands of the Nepali music industry including Baaja, Kta Haru, Phatcowlee, Pahenlo Batto Muni, Jerusha Rai, Bartika Eam Rai, Diwas Gurung and so many others.

Today, we are listing the best gigs during the four seasons of the series. And, it is a tough choice; we are not looking for diamonds between stones, but for fine ones between diamonds. Therefore, we are not ranking them this time.

Godhuli by Shreeti and Baaja

Godhuli is one of the first Yomari Sessions videoes, performed by Shreeti Pradhan and Baaja. The playing of Kalimba by Baaja’s Ashesh Rai, accompanied by Shreeti’s charming voice and fillings by other musicians, makes this song a wonderful experience. The song is written about complications of life in rural areas.

Borborygmi by Abhyu

A freestyle guitarist, Abhyu, solely performs three songs – The Farmer, Borborygmi and Tip – in the first season of Yomari Sessions and showcases his magnificent freestyle guitar playing. Borborygmi, in our opinion, is the standout between the three (others are aurally pleasing too).

Raktim by Stairs of Cirith

This rendition of Raktim, originally of the legendary Phatteman Rajbhandari, has become a cult classic and has its followers on its own. The band is a classical fusion band with Yuskey KC, a student of Rajbhandari himself, as the lead singer. One of the most beautiful performances in the series, Raktim will engage you for a long time. Another song by the band, Annunat, also deserves a shoutout.

Sunaula Baadal by Mi Ku

Mi Ku stands as Mitho Kura, or sweet talk, and their song Sunaula Baadal is indeed one of the sweetest songs in the second season of Yomari Sessions. The front-person of the band, Pushpa Palanchoke, recites how her clouds are golden in the song. Mi Ku’s other songs Mi Ku and Dizziness are also worth listening to.

Bari Lai by Pahenlo Batti Muni

One of the popular bands in the country in the present time, Pahenlo Batti Muni performed their most popular song, Bari Lai, in the second season of Yomari Sessions when the band were on their rise.

I/Eye by Space

Next on our list is I/Eye by the math rock band Space. I/Eye has a great intro, beautiful lyrics and a wonderful cohesion between the elements that have the power to hook you up for a long time. Also worth listening are Hallucinating, and Dreaming performed by the band in the second season of Yomari Sessions.

Nakkali by Phatcowlee

Phatcowlee is the stage name of Rajan Shrestha, who is also involved in the band Jindabaad as the bassist. Nakkali is an experimental song from Phtcowlee, and although it has only one line as lyrics, the song is a beautiful masterpiece that pleases your ears.

Chari by Kobid Bajra

Recorded and shot at Pimbahal Puku (a famous pond in Lalitpur City), Chari is a beautifully written and composed song by talented musician Kobid Bajra. Kobid’s other songs Mero Kamana and Sadhana (performed with Kriti Nepali) are also worth listening to.

Nidari by Bartika Eam Rai

Bartika Eam Rai is one of the most popular singers in the country right now. Nidari, performed in the fourth season of Yomari Sessions with her touring band, is one of the best songs that show her prowess in songwriting.

Dust and Bones by Ankit Shrestha

Ankit Shrestha is another freestyle guitarist featured in Yomari Sessions whereas Dust and Bones is one of the best songs performed in the fourth season of Yomari Sessions, not undermining his other songs, Underwater Song and Sapana Haru.

Barud by Jerusha featuring Didi Bahini

Barud is already a beautiful song and the collaboration with Didi Bahini takes the song into a whole new level. Also, shout out to their songs, Little Gods and Sunsaan.

Jameko by Diwas Gurung

Diwas Gurung is one of the finest Nepali music producers based in New York and a pioneer of Nepali neo-classical rock music. He performs Jameko along with his other songs in Yomari Session and is surely a must-listen-to song. Beguiling lyrics syncing with astoundingly pleasing music, we are out of superlatives to describe the beauty in Jameko.

How do you like our list? Which one is your favorite? And did we miss anything good? Write in the comment section below.

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