Violating law, professional code, government employees taking part in CPN-UML’s protest rallies


Kathmandu, January 6

Instead of discharging their duty, a number of government employees and teachers are taking part in the anti-government protest that the main opposition CPN-UML is organising in the Capital. The law does not allow government employees to disrupt services and take part in such protests, but there seems to be no one to enforce the law.

Chair of the civil service’s authorised trade union, Punya Dhakal, is taking part in the protest together with his deputy Bhola Nath Pokharel. Government employees are rallying under their leadership like other party workers.

Chief Secretary Som Lal Subedi has threatened to take action against those government employees, who take part in such protests under the banner of some party. Subedi said they will face action for violating their professional code of conduct. He pledged to take up the matter with the Ministry of General Administration.

The Civil Service Act bars civil servants from becoming members of political parties. As per the Act, they cannot take part in programmes organised under the banner of such parties. If they engage in such activities, the government can seek clarification, warn them and even dismiss them by deeming them disqualified for government service in the future.

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