Stock market plummets, NEPSE stagnates at 2012


Kathmandu, April 1

The fall in the stock market continued on Monday. The NEPSE index decreased by 6.26 points compared to the previous day and remained at 2012.

Along with NEPSE, the transaction amount has also decreased. The previous day’s turnover was Rs 3.20 billion, today it decreased to Rs 2.87 billion. As the price of 86 companies increased, 151 decreased while eight remained stable.

Looking at the sectoral indicators, the index of hotel and tourism group increased by 1.16 per cent and business by 0.20 per cent. The indicators of all other sectors decreased by less than one per cent. The Banking decreased to 4.3, development bank 2.8, finance 12.7, hydropower 13.6, life insurance 15.9, manufacturing 21.9, microfinance 5.3, non-life insurance 42.2 and other groups decreased by 6 points.

Gurans Microfinance and Maikhola Hydropower increased by 10 per cent. The price of Mahuli Microfinance increased by 9.44 per cent, Taragaon Regency by 7.25 per cent, Dolti Power by 5.41 per cent, and Sikless Hydropower by 5.21 per cent.

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