Secretary seeks diplomatic efforts to let Nepali gas bullets receive permits for LPG supply

Supplies Secretary Prem Kumar Rai

Kathmandu, June 22

Supplies Secretary Prem Kumar Rai says the Ministry of Supplies cannot ensure that Nepali gas bullets receive permits for the supply of liquefied petroleum gas from India anytime soon, hence diplomatic efforts are needed to solve the months-long issue.

India’s Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation has been delaying issuing permits to the bullets owned by Nepali businesspersons to supply LPG from India to Nepal, allegedly due to the fear of end in monopoly of Indian transporters in the business.

Speaking at a meeting of a sub-committee under the Industry, Commerce and Consumer Welfare Committee in Parliament today, Rai said letters sent repeatedly by the Ministry did not produce any result.

Therefore, he suggested that the government initiate diplomatic efforts to solve the problem.

With a hope that India would issue the permit soon, Nepali traders had made a huge investment to purchase nearly 775 vehicles. Two of them have already arrived in Nepal whereas 450 are ready to be brought here, according to Shiva Prasad Ghimire, President of Nepal LP Gas Industry Association.

For last 40 years, around 500 Indian bullets are being used to ferry cooking gas to Nepal. After the border blockade that India imposed following the promulgation of constitution here in 2015, Nepal had initiated efforts to purchase own bullets.

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