Saptari man fakes mother’s death to get vehicle pass during lockdown

File: An empty road in Kathmandu on the first day of lockdown, on March 24, 2020.

Kathmandu, April 7

A man from the Saptari district of southeastern Nepal is found to have lied to the officers of Lalitpur district in Kathmandu that his mother died back home recently.

Shubha Narayan Chaudhary from Maholiya, Surunga municipality-6 of Saptadi, was currently residing in Pulchok of Lalitpur. After the government announcement to go on lockdowon to control the coronavirus outbreak in the country, he wanted to go home. However, there were not any vehicles available.

Later, Chaudhary learned that the District Administration Office issues a permit to let the vehicles ply even during the lockdown if the users have emergency reasons to travel. He desperately wanted to go home, hence told the officers that his mother died in Saptari and had to go back immediately.

However, the police were not convinced. Lalitpur Metropolitan Police Range chief SSP Tek Prasad Rai says Chaudhary said he also wanted to take 30 people along with him by hiring a bus. “We then asked him to provide us contact numbers of other family members. Then, the way he spoke changed, ” Rai says.

Police immediately arrested Chaudhary and two others accompanying him for further investigation.

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