New school year to begin on time after two years of disturbance

birgunj schools resume physical classes
File photo of a school in Birgunj

Kathmandu, February 14

The government is preparing to begin the next school year on time as per the regular schedule by mid-May.

In the previous two years, the schedule had been disturbed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But, the Education Ministry‘s spokesperson Deepak Sharma says the ministry has decided that schools would continue their classes up to mid-April, conduct final examinations and publish results within the next one month.

Immediately, the new school year would begin.

If there had not been Covid-19, the session would end before mid-April whereas the new session would begin before mid-May.

Last year, the school year had begun after mid-June only due to the pandemic.

The government requires a school to operate for at least 180 days. Including public holidays, weekends, sports and co-curricualr activities, there should be at least 200 operational days.

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