Agreement reached with tanker workers, petroleum supply to resume today

Kathmandu, June 17

An agreement has been reached between striking petroleum transport workers and the government, leading to the immediate resumption of petroleum product supplies.

Manoj Thakur, spokesperson for the Nepal Oil Corporation, announced that a committee has been formed under the coordination of the Deputy Executive Director of the Nepal Oil Corporation. This committee is tasked with addressing the workers’ demands within 15 days. The agreement includes the immediate resumption of petroleum transport.

The breakthrough came during a discussion at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies on Monday. As a result, the supply of petroleum products to private petrol pumps from the Thankot depot will now resume. Private petrol pumps in Kathmandu have ceased petrol distribution since Sunday due to the supply disruption.

The Nepal Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Union initiated the halt in petroleum transport starting Sunday. The workers demanded that all tanker drivers and co-drivers receive appointment letters as per the Labor Act and that their salaries be arranged according to government regulations.

Additional demands included the abolition of the double bank guarantee and annual renewal required for the self-employed, proper temperature management, inclusion in the Social Security Fund, elimination of the double issue for quantities exceeding 50 litres, provision of risk allowances for drivers and co-drivers, and regular safety training every three months for drivers and co-drivers.

With the agreement in place, normalcy in the petroleum supply chain is expected to return, easing the fuel shortage in Kathmandu.

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