Long lines at Kathmandu’s petrol stations (Photos)

Kathmandu, June 17

Kathmandu Valley is experiencing long lines at petrol stations due to a shortage of petroleum products. For the first time in a long while, lengthy queues of vehicles have been seen at petrol pumps across the city.

The current shortage follows a history of fuel supply disruptions, such as during the blockade imposed by India on Nepal and the protests by petroleum transport workers in 2021.

The recent shortage stems from a strike initiated by the Nepal Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Association. This has led private petrol stations in the capital to halt the sale of petroleum products since Sunday.

Manoj Thakur, spokesperson for the Nepal Oil Corporation, confirmed that the fuel shortage at the pumps is due to workers stopping the supply over various demands. Most private pumps have posted notices saying “No Petrol.” At the few petrol stations that remain open, drivers face long waits. The summer heat has exacerbated the situation, making it even more challenging for those waiting in line.

The petroleum workers’ demands include issuing appointment letters to all tanker drivers and assistants as per the Labor Act and arranging salaries according to government regulations. They are also calling for the removal of the requirement for double bank guarantees and annual renewals, which currently apply only to self-employed workers and the provision of risk allowances for drivers and assistants.

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Ale is a photojournalist at Onlinekhabar.

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