Onion price up by 160% in 24 hours thanks to black marketeers


Kathmandu, September 16

As India restricted the export of onions to Nepal to ensure sufficient availability there, Nepali black marketeers have turned active to influence the price of the popular vegetable item in Kathmandu.

Whereas a kilogram of onion was available for around Rs 50 on Tuesday morning, traders sold it for up to Rs 130 (160 per cent more than the price yesterday) this morning. In the meantime, there has been a shortage of onions.

Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Board, which supplies a large section of fruits and vegetables in Kathmandu, has also accepted black marketing is responsible for the rise in the price. The board’s Deputy Director Binaya Shrestha says the board has begun a market monitoring following complaints of black marketing.

Meanwhile, Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has also launched a market monitoring campaign.

Nepal is largely dependent on India for the supply of onions. Whereas 3,400 tonnes of onions were supplied to the Nepali market in the past two months, the Nepali producers contributed a nominate three tonnes, according to Shrestha.

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