No revote in Bajura, Syangja 2: Election Commission

Election Commission. Photo: Chanda Bahadur Ale
Election Commission. Photo: Chanda Bahadur Ale

Kathmandu, November 30

The Election Commission has decided to not hold a revote in Bajura and Syangja 2 constituencies as it decided to give validity to the vote held on November 20.

The commission also directed officials to immediately restart the halted vote count in both constituencies.

Accusing other parties of poll rigging, some candidates had been obstructing the vote count demanding a repoll. Some other candidates, however, were demanding the vote count start immediately.

But, a meeting of the officials unanimously decided to restart the vote count, according to Commissioner Ishwari Prasad Paudyal.

Earlier, the commission had decided to redo voting in Dalakha in a similar case. The revote has been scheduled for tomorrow there.

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