NEPSE sees Rs 5.5 billion turnover, index rises by 8.90 points


Kathmandu, June 10

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) experienced a modest single-digit increase with the index rising by 8.90 points (0.42 per cent), reaching 2082.02 points.

Despite significant selling pressure, active buyers pushed the total market turnover to Rs 5.5 billion. Speculative trading was prevalent, particularly in companies with locked-in founder shares and low capital, driving up share prices.

On Monday, 116,346,618 listed shares were traded in 71,948 transactions, amounting to Rs 5.49 billion in turnover. The top transactions included Rs 418.8 million for NRN Infrastructure and Development, Rs 244.8 million for Mountain Energy Limited, and Rs 167.7 million for Janaki Finance.

Sector-wise, indices for banking, trade, hotels and tourism, life insurance, others, and mutual funds saw declines. The mutual fund sub-index fell the most by 3.74 per cent, followed by trade (2.04 per cent), hotels and tourism (0.93 per cent), life insurance (0.24 per cent), and banking (0.02 per cent).

Conversely, the hydropower sub-index, with many low-capital companies, increased the most by 2 per cent. Finance companies and non-life insurance sub-indices also rose by 1.21 per cent and 1.28 per cent, respectively.

Newly listed Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower and Trishuli Hydropower saw their share prices surge by 10 per cent, closing at positive circuit prices. Similarly, shares of People’s Power Company rose by 9.99 per cent, Molung Hydropower by 9.49 per cent, and Super Madi Hydropower by 8.99 per cent.

Additionally, Janaki Finance shares increased by 8.57 per cent, Barahi Hydropower by 5.29, and Bhagwati Hydropower by 4.83 per cent.

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