NEPSE rises 33 Points as hydropower and banking sectors surge


Kathmandu, June 11

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has continued its upward trend for the second consecutive day, driven by significant gains in the hydropower and banking sectors.

On Tuesday, the third trading day of the week, the NEPSE index rose by 33.15 points, or 1.59 per cent, to close at 2115.24 points. This increase was bolstered by the hydropower sub-index, which has been favoured by traders due to a limited supply of shares, and the banking sub-index, both of which showed substantial growth.

Recent trends have seen high transaction volumes despite an increase in supply, as traders continue to purchase available shares. This buying activity has provided a foundation for market growth, allowing the NEPSE index to close above the 2100-point mark.

The hydropower sub-index surged by 2.58 per cent, the life insurance sub-index by 2.40 per cent, the non-life insurance sub-index by 2.19 per cent, the finance companies sub-index by 2.16 per cent, the trading sub-index by 2.12 per cent, and the banking sub-index by 1.73 per cent on Tuesday.

Monday’s trading saw transactions worth Rs 5.49 billion, which increased to over Rs 5.55 billion on Tuesday. A total of 74,877 transactions involving 12,665,329 listed securities amounted to Rs 5.55 billion in trading volume. Among these, NRN Infrastructure and Development Company led the market with transactions worth Rs 363.1 million.

On Tuesday, shares of 246 listed companies were traded on NEPSE. Out of these, 203 companies experienced an increase in share prices, while 41 companies saw a decline, and 2 remained unchanged.

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