NEPSE: Market surges across the board


Kathmandu, March 10

On Sunday, the first day of the week, the NEPSE increased by 1.08 per cent. NEPSE rose by 22.10 points, reaching 2,052.65 points.

The day’s turnover stood at Rs 2.92 billion with the prices of 194 companies going up, 46 going down and four remaining stable.

All groups except Hydropower experienced increases. The Hydropower group decreased by 0.12 per cent. Notably, investors showed interest in Microfinance on Sunday, with the index of this group increasing by 4.21 per cent.

The performance of various groups was as follows: Banking increased by 0.74 per cent, Development Bank by 1.08 per cent, Finance by 1.40 per cent, Hotel and Tourism by 1.12 per cent, Investment by 1.26 per cent, Life Insurance by 1.84 per cent, Manufacturing by 0.91 per cent, Non-Life Insurance by 1.34 per cent, Other by 0.28 per cent, and the Trading by 0.65 per cent.

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