NEPSE: Development Bank and Finance groups take the market to 2,076


Kathmandu, February 14

After Development Bank and Finance Group performed well, the stock market on Wednesday remained stable. On Tuesday, the market had experienced a decrease of 30 points. However, on Wednesday, NEPSE saw an increase of 5.91 points, primarily driven by the strong performance of these two groups.

Development Bank shares rose by 2.38 per cent, while Finance Group shares surged by 6.5 percent. Consequently, despite declines in highly capitalized groups like banking and hydropower, the overall market experienced growth.

Even though 132 companies experienced an increase in value, 111 saw a decrease, with four remaining stable, the turnover amount was low compared to Tuesday. The turnover, which stood at Rs 4.66 billion on the previous day, decreased to Rs 4.25 billion on Wednesday.

Banking declined by 2 points, while Hotel and Tourism experienced an 8-point decrease. Similarly, Hydropower saw a slight decline of 3 points, and Life Insurance suffered a notable drop of 28 points. Additionally, the Trading group faced a decrease of 10 points.

In contrast, there were positive trends in other sectors: Others increased by 18 points, Non-life insurance surged by 43 points, and Microfinance rose by 12 points. Manufacturing showed a modest increase of 5 points. Notably, Finance witnessed a significant jump of 116 points, while the Development Bank group saw an increase of 96 points.

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