NEPSE: Market plummets below 2,000, hydropower sees sharp decline


Kathmandu, February 25

On the first day of the trading week, the NEPSE index went down significantly finishing below the 2,000-point mark on Sunday.

While 2,000 points were regarded by some as a support level, the market witnessed a decline below this threshold on Sunday, and this downward trend continued until the day’s close.

In comparison to Thursday, the NEPSE index decreased by 26.81 points, settling at 1979.02 points.

Total turnover on Sunday stood at Rs 3.8 billion.

The Hydropower group experienced a notable impact in the Sunday market, with a decrease of 2.42 per cent. Conversely, the Finance group saw an increase of 1.4 per cent, while the Manufacturing group witnessed a modest rise of 0.80 per cent.

On the other hand, prices of all other groups went down on Sunday.

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