Nepal population census reports 29 million and 192,480 people in the country

Representational file: People of Nepal socialism
Representational file: People of Nepal

Kathmandu, January 26

The preliminary report of the Nepal population census held in November 2021 is out, according to which there are 29 million and 192, 480 people in the country.

There are 14 million and 901,169 women (51.04 per cent) and 14 million and 291,311 men (48.96 per cent). Likewise, two million and 169,478 are abroad.

The Central Bureau of Statistics, however, says this is a preliminary report and the detailed report is still awaited.

Nepal had held the national population census last year after 10 years. According to the 2011 census, Nepal population was 26 million and 494,504.

The figure revealed today shows Nepal’s annual population growth is at 0.93 per cent. The rate is a significant decrease from the previous census.

Meanwhile, the population density is 918 people per square km. A family has 4.32 members on average.

According to the census report, 19 million and 291,031 people (66.08 per cent) people live in urban areas whereas nine million and 901,449 people (33.92 per cent) people live in rural areas of the country. As per the geographic region, 53.66 per cent live in Terai (plains), 40.25 per cent in the hilly region and 6.09 per cent in mountains.

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