Nepal lockdown extended until June 2

File: An empty road in Kathmandu on the first day of lockdown, on March 24, 2020.

Kathmandu, May 17

The government on Sunday decided to extend the nationwide lockdown imposed to control the coronavirus outbreak until June 2.

A cabinet meeting held this evening made the decision to extend the lockdown by 15 days. As per the previous decision, the lockdown was going to end on Monday.

The country is on a complete lockdown since March 24 after the second Covid-19 case was confirmed in the country. Since then, the lockdown has been extended multiple times as the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing. Of late, the number is soaring. As of Sunday evening, the country has confirmed 295 cases so far.

The extension was quite expected this time as the country also reported two deaths related to the disease on Saturday and Sunday.

A meeting of the high-level committee on coronavirus control had recommended a two-week extension of the lockdown.


Published on May 17th, Sunday, 2020 8:27 PM

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  • rajesh says: | May 18 2020 5:44am

    this is the difference between rich countries and poor countries. rich countries looks the truth in the eye. they are practical. they have foresight. Boris Johnson said uk has to open as ‘we hope for vaccine but hope is not a plan’ . even Trump is saying school has to open in autumn ‘vaccine or no vaccine we’re back’. even in India who these nepalese ‘fools’ have been trying to copycat, they have considerably eased down lockdown. and this nepalese high comittee of twats extending lockdown and making it stricter!

    Rick Bright, the ousted head of a government agency seeking a vaccine, told US Congress “Normally, it takes up to 10 years to make a vaccine. A lot of optimism is swirling around a 12-to-18-month time frame, if everything goes perfectly. We’ve never seen everything go perfectly.”

    even if the vaccine is developed the fastest time frame is 12-18 months….so lockdown uptill then?! countries who are richer, who are researching vaccines and where there has been higher deathrates than nepal ar easing lockdown but Nepal!? now waiting for other countries to make vaccine, not allowing its citizens stranded outside to enter their own country, strict lockdown. what nonsense is this? if KP Oli is afraid of his weak physical conditions just having a kidney operation and all then maybe he should remain inside his house in lockdown not entire country. give those willing to fight the chance at survival by giving their livelihood back. people need food. that is the utmost important. poor had been suffering long ago, now middle class are starting to feel it. the middle class are the masses so be careful!

    this Oli might be thinking lots of aids and donation will come and we can just distribute it, and it will be alright. BEWARE….the whole world is going through crisis so there might not be any aids or donation like in the past when there was some national disasters. every country is going through rough time and one has to look after themselves. nepal has been looking after itself like there is no tomorrow…. wake up you High Comittee twats.


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