Nepal’s 9 best patriotic songs that make you respect your motherland

The Nepali music sector is versatile. You just name it and you will get to listen to any genre of song. Among them, Nepali patriotic songs are also popular and they are frequently played in gatherings and events. These songs not only entertain the listeners but also make them proud of their country, culture, tradition and places. 

Here are the 10 best Nepali patriotic songs that you must listen to. 

1. Gaun Gaun Bata Utha 

Gaun Gaun Bata Utha is a song of revolution that used to be performed in democratic campaigns during the Panchayat regime. The song was later featured in the film Balidaan released in 1997. This song encourages people to change the face of the nation by asking them to do things that they are good at.  For instance, to a  writer, the song asks to write for the revolution. The song has also got a rock rendition performed by Nepathya

2. Yo Man Ta Mero

Among many patriotic songs, Yo Man Ta Mero is one of the best songs of 1974 AD. The song in short says that once a Nepali is always a Nepali. Wherever the Nepali will go, their heart will always remain in Nepal. The songs come from the album Satabdi, which was released in 2001.    

3. Hamro Nepal  

Hamro Nepal is a song released in 2006 by X-Marica. The song also talks about the bravery that Nepali people hold. Hamro Nepal also has a cover version performed by the popular rock band Monkey Temple. The video of the cover version features Nepalis abroad. They are seen holding Nepal’s flag and singing Hamro Nepal in the music video. 

3. Hatne Haina  

Hatne Haina, written by Ganesh Rasik, describes the Nepali flag and the significance of the red colour in it. Similarly, the song also talks about the then king and queen; hence, it was one of the most popular patriotic songs during the monarchy. This song has also a rock rendition, performed by Axix, which sounds powerful. 

4. Rato Ra Chandra Surya 

The poem Rato Ra Chandra Surya was originally written by Gopal Prasad Rimal and was later set to music by Ambar Gurung. As one of the most popular Nepali patriotic songs, this celebrates nationality by praising the Nepali national flag. There is even a rock version of the song performed by Nepathya.

5. Deshle Ragat Mage  

Deshle Ragat Mage is one of the most popular patriotic songs written, composed and performed by Gopal Yonjan. In the song, the singer says he is ready to sacrifice his life for the country.  

6. Birata Ko Chino  

Sung by Narayan Gopal, Birata Ko Chino is from an old film, Lahure. The song reflects on Nepal’s history and the bravery of the country’s forefathers. The song also praises Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural heritage and calls on Nepalis to unite and work together for the betterment of the country.

7. Paschim Kohi Purba Ghar

Paschim Kohi Purba Ghar is a superb Nepali patriotic song that celebrates the unity of all Nepalis, despite their different background and culture. The song also highlights the beauty of Nepal’s diversity.

8. Baneko Chha Paharale 

Baneko Chha Paharale is written, composed and sung by Gopal Younjan. The song is frequently heard at cultural events and on Nepali radio and television stations. Its endurance among the most popular Nepali patriotic songs can be attributed to its beautiful melody and evocative lyrics, which are still relevant to Nepali audiences today.

9. Mero Nepal 

Mero Nepal by Raju Lama is one of the popular songs from his album Mongolian Heart. The song’s lyrics depict the singer’s deep love and pride for Nepal. Then, it pays tribute to the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. The upbeat melody and catchy chorus of the song have made it a popular anthem for Nepalis both at home and abroad.

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