Nepal Army, 5% of whose staff don’t eat meat, recognises vegetarianism for the first time

Kathmandu, September 21

The national military organisation of the country has officially recognised vegetarianism in its food management system for the first time in its decades-old modern history.

A recent survey conducted by the Nepal Army has revealed around five per cent of its staff do not eat meat. Yet, vegetarians would not get sufficient protein-rich food whereas their mess halls would serve meat items at least four times a week.

Now onwards, kitchens in the barracks would serve protein-rich vegetarian foods such as fruits, mushroom, curd and paneer (fresh cheese used in curries) for the vegetarian staff whenever others get meat items, informs Nepal Army spokesperson Santosh Ballav Paudel.

Paudel says the new directive has already come into operation.

‘No more kerosene now’

Meanwhile, the directive has said the barracks should not use kerosene stoves to cook food now onwards considering the health of the kitchen staff.

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