Monsoon memories: Nine photos to show you the season’s silver lining

Whenever Nepal starts receiving its share of the monsoon, there’s news of destruction and chaos. Thousands of people lose their homes, acres of land is washed away and many lose their lives.

But the ugly monsoon that brings so much destruction to so many people also has a ‘silver lining’.


Woman with her child enjoying to watching kathmandu valley view from Swyambhu in Kathmandu on Friday, June 21, 2013. Photo: Dipesh Shrestha/Nagarik/Republica
A woman and her child enjoy the view of a rain-soaked valley from Swyamabhunath in Kathmandu. Photo: Dipesh Shrestha. (Opener) Commuters wait at a bus stop after a sudden downpour at Balkumari in Lalitpur. Photo: Kiran Pandey


After a spell of drought, the sound of rain, and the smell of the wet earth make for an experience to savour. In addition to that, the dark clouds that play hide and seek with the sun make for photos that can describe the monsoon better than any wordsmith can.


Sun rays pass through the clouds seen above kapan area of Kathmandu seen from Nagarkot, Bhaktapur on July 19, 2016. Photo: Bijay Gajmer/Republica/Nagarik
Dark clouds gather over Nagarkot. Photo: Bijay Gajmer

Imagine hiking up one of the many hills surrounding the Kathmandu valley, and being rewarded with a view like no other. The view will definitely be worth all the leech attacks and the muddy trails. 


School children return from school to home with umbrella at Koteswor, Bhaktapur on wednesday. POST PHOTO: PRAKASH CHANDRA TIMILSENA/KANTIPUR.
Girls share an umbrella while returning home from school in Koteswor.  Photo: Prakash Chandra Timalsena

Monsoon is also a good time to be with friends. Whenever you forget your own umbrella, you can always count on your friend to share her’s with you. Good conversations do happen on short journeys!


Farmers work in the paddy field at Thankot in Kathmandu.
Farmers work in their paddy field in Thankot. Photo: Uma Bista

The monsoon also brings hope to farmers. A good rainy season means good crop yield, and a better year for the family. The lush green paddies also make for good photos!


A young girl plays as a rainbow is seen on the monsoon sky in Kathmandu.
A young girl plays outside after rain stops in Kathmandu. Photo: Bikash Karki


Well, with all the rain, children are forced to stay indoors. The fields are soggy, and the the weather unpredictable. But whenever, the rain stops, going out in the open becomes more enjoyable, and if there’s a rainbow to enjoy, there are more reasons to get outside.



A woman walks towards her destination in the monsoon rain near the Pashupatinath Temple. During monsoon, Kathmandu receives 48.4 mm rainfall on average.
A woman walks towards her destination in the monsoon rain near Pashupatinath. Photo: Bikash Karki

They say that when it rains it pours. That is what exactly describes the rainy season in Nepal. Monsoon is not just drizzles, it is also heavy downpours. The rain is so fierce that your umbrella will be no match to it.


A view from the Badimalika Temple Region,Bajura,Far-western Nepal.
Clouds seen from Badimalika Temple Region, Bajura. Photo: Gopen Rai

Ever wonder what it would be like to be among the clouds? Well the feeling is dream-like. What if you could walk on the clouds? Sadly, that cannot be done. But head to a hilltop during the monsoon, and you can experience ‘life in the clouds.’


A Nepalese farmer walks past rice paddy fields at Khokana village on the outskirts of Kathmandu on July 19, 2012. Rice accounts for almost 50 percent of cereal production in Nepal, which is particularly dependent on rainfall because less than one-third of its agricultural land is irrigated. AFP PHOTO/Prakash MATHEMA / AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH MATHEMA
A farmer walks past his rice fields at Khokana village on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Photo: Prakash Mathema

The paddy fields are home to many species such as frogs, and snakes. Do you remember the croaks? Well, it is music to your ears, so long as you don’t have to hear them every day!


A girl returns from the school under an umbrella in Khokana, Lalitpur. Photo: Uma Bista

The umbrella is what every mother wants her children to carry along during the rainy season, where ever they may go. No mother would want her child to get wet, especially when exams are round the corner!

(All photos were on display at Nepal Tourism Board’s monthly exhibition last week. Courtesy: PJ Club)


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