Korean firm submits Kathmandu-Nijgadh fast track DPR to Nepal Army

Nepal Army signs a contract with Korea’s Soosung Engineering for the preparation of fast track DPR, on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

Kathmandu, February 4

A South Korean firm contracted to prepare the detailed project report for the Kathmandu-Terai fast track has submitted its report to the Nepal Army.

Sources at the national military organisation say the report was handed over last night.

Nepal Army spokesperson Yam Bahadur Dhakal says, “Now, we will study the DPR. We will review is as per necessity and finalise it as soon as possible.”

It has been learned that the report was prepared at the cost of Rs 101.5 million.

Though the Nepal Army has already contracted 28 firms for different sections of the project, some works were halted in absence of the DPR.

On October 2 last year, the Army had signed the contract with Soosung Engineering to prepare the DPR in 105 days.

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