India approves Shankar Sharma as Nepal’s ambassador there after 3 months

File: Economist Shankar Sharma
File: Economist Shankar Sharma

Kathmandu, March 16

Unexpectedly enough, India has delayed sending the agrément for Nepal’s ambassador nominee Shankar Sharma.

Nearly three months after receiving the nomination, the southern neighbour sent the approval just Tuesday, according to a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Parliamentary Hearing Committee in December 2021 had approved nominations made by the government for appointing new ambassadors to India, the United States and the United Kingdom.

A meeting of the panel representing members of both houses in the parliament had approved Shankar Sharma as the ambassador to India, Shreedhar Khatri to the US and Gyan Chandra Acharya to the UK. 

Whereas Acharya and Khatri have already been appointed to the positions and begun working, Sharma was yet to be to receive an agrément from his host country.

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