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Entrance of Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar
Entrance of Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar Photo: Prasun Sangroula

Even though he has various works and projects in Kathmandu, actor and director Anup Baral is seen mostly in Pokhara. There he spends most of his on the site of his long-time dream – the Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar.

The theatre has been his dream for many years and now he is very close to completing it. Once complete, the Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar will be the first advanced theatre in the city of Lakes.

“It is going to be one of the best theatres in the country,” he said.

After dedicating over two decades to the movie and theatre industry, Baral is on the verge of operating his own theatre. Many actors share similar aspirations of having their own creative space, yet only a handful manage to turn this dream into reality, making Baral’s accomplishment even more remarkable.


Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar
Anup Baral briefing about the under-construction Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar to the visitors. Photo: Prasun Sangroula

Located in Nadipur, Pokhara, it takes around 15 minutes to reach Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar from Lakeside. We got there around 10 am and saw Anup’s father Durga Baral aka Batsyayana overseeing things at the theatre. There was a look of pride in Durga’s eyes as he saw how near they were to complete this long-time dream.

Durga gave the theatre its name. Hans Dhwani is a musical raag renowned for its beauty and elegance. Additionally, Anup interprets Hansdhwani as carrying the connotation of a swansong, symbolising a song of profound sweetness sung by a dying swan. It is believed that swans sing their most enchanting melodies just before their passing, adding a poignant and metaphorical layer to the theatre’s name.

“It is like my gift. My legacy which will exist after I am gone,” he says. “This will be something different. It is not going to be a conventional theatre.”

More than a theatre

Hansa Dhwani Natak Ghar will accommodate 200 people and will also have a classroom, gendered dedicated greenroom, wardrobe, café and restaurant. Photo: Prasun Sangroula

Spread over 3,500 square metres, Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar is going to be one of the biggest theatres in the country. The theatre will not be providing space for plays but it will be used for various arts, including poems, music and other events.    

“The theatre will also have dedicated space for bookshops, art galleries, and souvenir shops,” says Baral.  

The theatre, which can accommodate 200 people, will boast additional facilities including a classroom, gender-dedicated greenroom, wardrobe area, café, and restaurant. Its distinctive feature will be the pagoda-style roofs, adding an architectural charm to the venue. Furthermore, visitors to the theatre will be treated to the breathtaking view of Machhapuchhre, enhancing the overall experience of attending performances at the Hans Dhwani Natak Ghar.

“We want to hold our first play before Dashain. But there are still some technical aspects to look at so I think it will take some time,” says Anup.

As the theatre gears up for operation, Anup is not only planning to showcase the works of various directors and artists but also intends to revisit some of his own past productions.

“I will stage my old plays,” he says. “I want to revive some of my classics like ‘Court Marshall’.”

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