Fifth coronavirus positive case in Nepal: Baglung woman who recently returned from Belgium

Kathmandu, March 28

Nepal has confirmed the fifth coronavirus positive case in the country, on Saturday.

Officials in the Ministry of Health and Population say a 19-year-old woman from Baglung district of western Nepal tested positive. She had recently returned home from Belgium.

It has been learned that the woman travelled on a Qatar Airways aircraft on March 17. Nepal’s second positive case, a woman who returned from France via Qatar, had also travelled on the same flight, according to Bikas Devkota, the spokesperson for the ministry.

The Baglung lady was traced after the second case was confirmed. Then, her swab sample was collected at Dhaulagiri Hospital for a test.

The woman was advised to stay in the hospital after the test, but she had returned home.

After the confirmation of the infection, preparations are being made to bring her Kathmandu safely.

This is the fourth case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Nepal in the past week.

Published on March 28th, Saturday, 2020 4:29 PM

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  • Bikant says: | March 29 2020 1:25am

    The lady returned from Belgium must be educated but acted very foolish. How can she go home just like that, even after being tested positive ? And how can the doctors just let her go away? This is really scary. She may have gone through public area, public bus and so many places where the virus could get easily transferred to alot of people. Our nepal is a small country with very limited resources against the deadly corona virus. If the virus gets through the people of nepal then our country would be far worst than the italy and spain. Just because of her fear or whatever it is that makes her go to home even after getting tested posivite, whole lot of people are placed in very risky situation. This is totally scary and disappointing.


  • Zaheer Ahmed says: | March 28 2020 10:01pm

    Every person with travel history to covid 19 effected countries should Quarantine without fail


  • Ansuman says: | March 28 2020 7:36pm

    Idea for lockdown is to test, identify, isolate to stop further spread, test, treat to cure…..

    Also should not wait till symptoms crops up to test…… would be quite late to be managed …..

    Or wait for some test kits to come through gift …….grants….donations….rather country leadership should take on the driver seat……avoid further time lapses while calling for tenders….and should source test kits from named vendors or through G2G route …….every minute counts…….example USA….they have crossed 100K infected numbers and they had been taking matter quite casually….

    Else it should be allowed to the private medical test centres to source reagents and testing scanners… would possibly happen @ speed of light as decission making would be faster……..
    Also medical fraternity in Nepal need to learn from doctors from other countries as how they been treating and handeling the infected…….and not just wait for some spoon feeding done… so called experts who themselves are discovering…..

    WHO leadership itself is under global petition filing ….for ignorance and lapses… whom to believe apart from our own leaders, leadership and Doctors…..

    Also medical staff need to understand that every job has work place hazard and safety issues and one need to follow and practice work place safety measures…..

    And they are the one on whom all infected people would approach for cure…….

    Else peasants should say that they wont cultivate as they are prone to snake bites ……..

    PS: Moderator ….kindly dont publish my comment if found agrresive ….or provoking…..

    Been reading on developments through news which are getting published… could not stop myself expressing…….


  • Juliette Cunliffe says: | March 28 2020 7:15pm

    How I agree with Kiran. Everyone who had travelled on that flight should have been quarantined. They should have had no choice in the matter. An utterly thoughtless mistake which could have long-reaching effects.


  • Radha says: | March 28 2020 6:34pm

    According to the news, the lady was suggested by the hospital to not to travel until her final report. Rather than blaming authorised personals only, it’s our responsibility to follow the guidance provided by the health sectors & WHO. It’s for the sake of our life and the beloved ones.
    Still we are roaming around on the name of morning/evening walk without any precautions. Please let’s stay at home and protect us from this disastrous virus (COVID-19).


  • Rahul siwakoti says: | March 28 2020 6:22pm

    Don’t allow anyone to leave from hospital
    If you allow them to leave hospital then you(hospital) are the biggest terrorist organisation in the world.
    This virus doesn’t know who are you from which countries what religion you belongs what’s your age.
    So please take it seriously.


  • Kiran says: | March 28 2020 4:56pm

    How Careless on part of authorities to allow that lady to go back. Because of this negligence, she might have put the lives on many under danger.


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