Extended Gokarna Resort lease to prevent it from turning into pasture: Nepal Trust

Nepal Trust officials during a press conference in Kathmandu, on December 27, 2019.

Kathmandu, December 27

Nepal Trust, a government authority formed to manage the properties belonging to the former royal family, has clarified that it extended the lease given to Yeti Holdings for the operation of Gokarna Forest Resort to prevent the land from turning into a pasture where cattle can easily graze.

The clarification comes at a time when the government is under fire for deciding the extension six years before the expiry of the current term and charging a relatively low rent.

The trust claims a ‘timely’ decision was necessary to protect the land. “If you do not do anything in the next five years, the current golf course can turn into a pasture for cows. Who will be responsible? Who will be responsible if landless squatters occupy that?” the trust’s joint secretary Rajeshwar Gyawali said during a press conference on Friday.

Gyawali said the decision was lawful and the trust would not regret taking it.

Similarly, the trust’s secretary Gajendra Thakur said the decision boosted the private sector’s confidence in the government. He said the government did not act under any private company’s pressure.

Thakur claimed the government would not lose anything in the deal.

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