Covid-19 didn’t claim any non-resident Nepali last week, first time in two months

Kathmandu, June 14

The Non-resident Nepali Association says no death due to Covid-19 has been recorded among the Nepalis living abroad in the past week.

In the eight consecutive weeks before this, at least one death case was reported every week, according to the organisation.

The organisation says the rate of infection among the non-resident Nepalis has also slowed down significantly. All the infected Nepalis in Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Myanmar, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, France and Belgium achieved recovery from the infection. In the past week, over 9,000 Nepalis achieved recovery.

There are 17,792 NRNs infected with the virus, according to the organisation.  Of them, 127 died.

Meanwhile, this week also recorded three new Covid-19 cases among Nepalis in Africa. This is the first that Nepalis in Africa got infected.

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