Kathmandu Mayor expresses concern over works intended to wipe out Sundhara

File Photo: Sundhara

Kathmandu, December 12

Kathmandu metropolitan city (KMC) Mayor Balen Shah has expressed concern regarding the bulldozing taps of the Sundhara.

Organising a press conference, Shah said that Sundhara needed to be preserved, as it was a historic and cultural asset.

Restoration and reconstruction works are currently being done in the area but heritage activists and locals are questioning the manner in which it is being done.

“You’ve can’t damage a historic site in the name of reconstruction. These taps are hundreds of years old and have a cultural connection too with the city and the people,” said Shah.

He has also requested the contractors to stop the work in the area.

On Sunday, locals, the chairperson of ward no 22 and representatives of the Sankata Club of New Road protested the ongoing works of Raman Construction Company, arguing that historic structures of Sundhara tap were destroyed while the Company was making a huge trench behind Sundhara in a bid to set up a water tank capacious to store 100 thousand litres of water.

Raman Construction says it was doing what it was being asked of.

Following the protest of the locals, Shah expressed concern about why the city government was not informed while the historic structure of over 100 years was demolished.

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