9 Nepali chocolate brands to satisfy your cravings

Chocolates from Chaichai Confectionary. Image: Aryan Dhimal.
Chocolates from Chaichai Confectionary. Image: Aryan Dhimal.

The market is flooded with chocolates in different flavours. Unlike in the past, these days there are hundreds of chocolate manufacturers having their own niche flavours, mostly imported. However, in recent times, Nepali chocolate brands have also emerged to compete with foreign brands in the market.

The chocolates produced by local manufacturers are just as delicious as those from international brands. There are several local chocolate manufacturers who offer their products both online and offline, providing a range of options for customers to indulge in their delectable creations.

If you’re interested in trying local chocolates, we have compiled a list of Nepali chocolate brands that are highly recommended for you to explore and indulge in.

Chaichai Confectionary 

Established in 2021, Chaichai Confectionary now has over five flavours of chocolate. Image: Aryan Dhimal.

Chaichai Confectionary is the brainchild of Sharmila Shrestha who initiated the business to utilise her leisure. Established in 2021, the local chocolate manufacturer now has over five flavours of chocolate including bonbon, caramel and lemon fruits. 

Its chocolates are made up of pure chocolate without any adulteration. Apparently, the chocolates melt easily once you pop them in your mouth without that sticky feeling while eating them. 

Muon Chocolates

Chocolates from Muon Chocolates Photo: Bikash Shrestha
Chocolates from Muon Chocolates Photo: Bikash Shrestha

Muon Chocolates at present has its products in various flavours ranging from dark and semi-dark to white chocolates and many others. It also has oat chocolates, one of its unique offerings. Oat chocolate is very helpful for maintaining stamina, especially during trekking hours. 

The brand also holds special prowess in customised chocolates. So order chocolates from Muon Chocolates, if you are planning to celebrate any occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or graduation. 

Yeju Chocolate Nepal 

Yeju Chocolate Nepal
A chocolate bar from Yeju Chocolate Nepal. Photo: Yeju Chocolate Nepal

Established in 2020, Yeju Chocolate Nepal started its operation with only three varieties, and today, it has over 20 varieties. The cost varies from Rs 30 to Rs 400.

This Nepali chocolate brand offers a unique feature of customised chocolates, allowing you to express yourself by personalising your own message on the chocolates.

The Chocolate Garden 

Chocolates from The Chocolate Garden
Chocolates from The Chocolate Garden

The Chocolate Garden has mouth-watering chocolates, available in a wide range of flavours. You must try them. Besides chocolates, it also makes customised cakes. You can order the chocolates and cake both at once from The Chocolate Garden if you want to celebrate any joyous moments of your life.

From elegant designs to unique flavours, their cakes are bound to impress both in appearance and taste. 

Nanas Delight   

Chocolate from Nanas Delight
Chocolate from Nanas Delight

Nanas Delight serves interesting varieties of chocolates that include semi-sweet dark chocolate with orange peel, roasted peanuts and Himalayan pink salt, Himalayan Goji Berries and Roasted Almond and others.  

Another interesting thing about this Nepali chocolate brand is its wrappers. The chocolate comes with captivating wrappers with detailed designs. 

Columbus Chocolates 

Chocolates from Columbus Chocolates
Chocolates from Columbus Chocolates

Columbus Chocolates is another amazing local chocolate manufacturer. Some of its popular chocolate varieties that you must try are white chocolate, Himalayan delight, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.    

Its chocolates are not just delicious but they are also equally healthy. Columbus Chocolates also has combo offers where you can get varieties of chocolates in a single packet.  

Kharayo Bakes 

Energy bars from Kharayo Bakes. Photo: Kharayo Bakes.
Energy bars from Kharayo Bakes. Photo: Kharayo Bakes.

You must try gourmet brownies from Kharayo Bakes, which is also its signature product. Besides brownies, Kharayo Bakes also offers energy bars, truffles, chocolate slabs, and choco balls. Its products come in two boxes: one full box that costs Rs 1,350 and one half costing Rs 750. Customers can order from its Instagram and Facebook pages.

A full box from Kharayo Bakes consists of brownies with six toppings of your choice including coffee fudge and coffee beans, nutty nuts, oh oh Oreo, coconut lamington, white chocolate and rose, peanut butter, caramel and sesame, twisted and little hearts. One can also get eggless brownies.

Azile chocolates 

Chocolates from Azile Chocolates
Chocolates from Azile Chocolates

Azile Chocolates is an online chocolate shop offering a variety of homemade chocolates, including milk, dark, peanut, cookie and cream, nuts, caramel, and coffee flavours. For an indulgent twist, it also provides rum and whisky liquor truffles. 

Each order is customised and made fresh upon request, so it’s advisable to place your chocolate order at least two days in advance. It also caters to bulk orders for special occasions.

Bliss Balls 

Bliss balls and ingredients. Ohoto: Bliss Balls
Bliss balls and ingredients. Photo: Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls make and sell four varieties of handmade round diet balls made up of dried fruits and nuts. Because the balls are made without refined sugar, the company claims they are healthy.

Their enterprise makes them available in four flavours: bliss balls original, choco blaze, pistachio punch and twist. The price of these chocolates ranges from Rs 690 to Rs 890 per 200 grams (Rs 3,090 to Rs 3,690 per kg). 

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