Here are the 11 best evergreen love songs by Nabin K Bhattarai. Which is your favourite? 

Nabin K Bhattarai
Nabin K Bhattarai. Photo: Shankar Giri

Anyone who follows Nepali music definitely knows Nabin K Bhattarai and has heard dozens of his songs. The legendary pop singer, who has dedicated himself to the Nepali music industry for the last 25 years has contributed a lot of evergreen songs to Nepali music lovers. His songs are played everywhere including from school programmes to pubs and various media. 

This week, Onlinekhabar has brought a list of the 10 best love songs by Nabin K Bhattarai. Hope you all will enjoy reading it. 

1. Aakhama Timilai 

Aakhama Timilai is the debut song of Nabin K Bhattarai, released in 1997, from the album Raharai Raharma. The very first song made Bhattarai popular in the Nepali music industry. Back then, the song used to be played on every radio channel, at every tea shop and restaurant. Likewise, the song is also considered an evergreen love song in Nepal’s musical scene.

2. Ye Jhari 

Ye Jhari is another hit number by Nabin K Bhattarai. The song is from the album Timi Lai. Ye Jhari, written by Arun Sayami, sounds more relevant while listening to it on a rainy day. The music video of the song has over one million views on YouTube. 

3. Timi Hau Lakhau Ko Dhadkan 

Timi Hau Lakhau Ko Dhadkan is a love song in a jolly rhythm. Listening to this song composed by Rahul Pradhan and written by Ranu Shrestha can give a sense of joy to everyone. It was released as a part of the album Love (Right Choice). Likewise, its music video directed by Bhusan Dahal has more than two million views on YouTube. 

4. Sayad Timi Nai

Sayad Timi Nai Hau is much liked and more popular for its guitar work done by the late Sunil Bardewa.  The song is from Nabin K Bhattarai’s fourth album Samjhana composed by Jems Pradhan.  

5. Dobaato Maa  

Dobaato Ma is a sentimental song by Nabin K Bhattarai. In the lyrics written by Naresh Dev Pant, the singer says he has moved on and he will no longer wait for her and cry for her. The song, which represents the album Aavas, has over 600,000 views on YouTube. 

6. Khadai Nakhako Bisle 

Khadai Nakhako Bisle is another great hit by Nabin K Bhattarai. The song is from the album Nabin. It is a sentimental song. The music video of the song depicts the story of a boy whose proposal is rejected by the girl whom he loved. The music video directed by the late Alok Nembang has over 1.7 million views on YouTube. 

7. Daar Lagcha

In this song, the singer is panicked and feels insecure about his relationship with his beloved. He is anxious about what if his girl leaves him. This song is also a part of the album Nabin and currently, its music video has around 69,000 views on YouTube. 

8. Ali Alikati Pida 

This song features a fusion of rock with the traditional Nepali instrument, Sarangi. In this song, the singer expresses his feelings on how he remembers his beloved whenever he is in difficulty. Ali Ali Pida represents the album G Major-Single. 

9. Yei Ho Ta Maya  

Unlike other songs of Nabin K Bhattarai, this song has a totally different arrangement. The song features a rap by Pranil L Timilsina. Likewise, the wha-wha effect on the guitar is another best part that makes it catchy. 

10. Timile Herda Kasailai 

In Timile Herda Kasailai, the singer narrates how much he gets jealous when his beloved even looks at any other man. The lyrics written by Manoj Acharya say it all. The starting line of the song says: Timile Herda Kasailai Garo Hunch Yo Man Lai [When you look at others / my heart feels unhappy.]

11. Sanjha Pakha

Sanjha Pakha is another great hit by Nabin K Bhattarai. The lyrics of the song written by Manoj Acharya depict how a protagonist remembers his beloved every time. Currently, the music video of this evergreen love song has over two million views on YouTube.


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