5 companies shortlisted for studying the possibility of Nepal’s own satellite

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Kathmandu, March 4

Five companies have been shortlisted for carrying out the study required for placing Nepal’s own satellite in orbit.

Out of the nine companies that submitted letters of intent for that purpose, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has selected the five, NTA Spokesperson Meen Prasad Aryal says.

According to Aryal, the selected companies include Euro Consult of France, S3Tel Inc of Dubai, the Space Partnership International of America, the Economix Limited, UK and KPMG Assurances and Consultant Service of India.

Meanwhile, the NTA cancelled the previous proposals and called for new proposals for drawing up the regulation and safety, trade and operation modality and policy regarding placing the satellite in orbit.

The NTA had on December 20, 2020, had called for applications and set the deadline for submitting the letter of intent by January 11, 2021. Now, the NTA will select one of the five shortlisted companies through competition.

The major criteria for selection include the company’s qualifications (40 per cent), experience (50 per cent) and the capability of the companies (10 per cent).

Aryal shares the technical and financial proposal would be called for from the selected company in the first phase and the NTA will assign the basic works on installation of the satellite after studying the proposals received from them.

The government has set the target of operating the country’s own satellite within 2022 and also released a policy on this in July last year.

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