NTA implements MDMS; new mobile phones must be registered before use

Mobile phones

Kathmandu, September 15

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has implemented the mobile device management system (MDMS) from Thursday.

 The telecommunications governing body has implemented the MDMS to stop the illegal entry of mobile phones into the country. Following the implementation of the mobile device management system, all mobile phones brought into the country will have to be registered.

The mobile device management system is a centralised government-owned system to keep a record of any and all phones and similar electronic accessories that enter the country—via their unique IMEI number(s). This includes smartphones, feature phones, bar phones, tablets, etc.

Phones not registered at the NTA cannot be used in the country. This applies to new phones being brought into the country. Old phones will be registered automatically, says the NTA.

The NTA has asked people to only buy phones that have been registered. To check if the phone has been registered or not, people can visit mdms.nta.gov.np and put in the phone’s IMEI number.

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