Trisara in Durbarmarg: Platters to tingle your taste buds

In the past six years, Trisara has become a household name in Kathmandu. It has become the go-to place for people of all ages to enjoy the unique ambiance, live music and delicious food.

Trisara’s story is of three school friends trying to break the trend of restaurants in Kathmandu. Most of us visit a restaurant, have our meal and leave. What Trisara has done differently is that it has an created a space where you can relax and enjoy the music even after you’ve finished your meal. It’s a restaurant for people of all ages.

After opening a branch in Pokhara three years ago, Trisara has now opened one more restaurant in Durbar Marg. The new restaurant has the same ‘Trisara feel’ to it. You’ll find the Buddha,the Mandalas, the bamboos and a mellow playlist–perfect for any occasion.

When I entered Trisara, Durbar Marg, a mild music played in the background and the friendly staff welcomed me with a smile and a Namaste. I sat down in one of the corner tables, which I am told is one of the best seats in the house.

Not knowing what to order, I asked the management to recommend me dishes. To start off, they recommended the mini burgers which is ideal for those who like burgers but don’t want to get their hands dirty. The buns were substituted by pita breads and had a tasty chicken patty in the middle with cheese. An ideal appetiser for two people.

Then came the Asian Platter which was incredibly satisfying. The platter contained chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, malai chicken tikka and paneer tikka served with mint sauce. The chicken tandoori was marinated well and spiced in a manner that Nepalis love. The chicken tikka was just as good as it had a smoky taste and was quite tangy. Malai chicken tikka was a dish I was trying for the first time and I was quite impressed by its juicy flavours. The paneer tikka didn’t taste as good as the chicken and that might be due to the fact there were so many delicious meat items on the table!

I also tried the Newari platter which had a homely taste and was appetizing and full of flavours. The choila was tender and moderately spiced, the bhatmas was seasoned and spiced well. The rest of the platter included baji (beaten rice), alu sadheko and poached eggs.

For the mains, I tried the basil pesto. I have a thing for Italian food, especially pastas, and this meal didn’t disappoint. The basil pesto consists of Italian basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, walnuts and olive oil and chicken on the top. Rich in flavour and taste, the pasta together with the nutty oiliness of the cheese, oil and nuts, followed by the sharper, fresh green notes of the basil made it taste a bit like heaven.

To drink, I tried my favourite mojito which was well prepared and was refreshing as ever. As summer approaches, the restaurant is also introducing cocktails and mocktails on a pitcher. The one I tried was called the ‘Mango Trouble’, a mango-based cocktail/mocktail which was well balanced and refreshing and was perfect for three-four people. They don’t have it on the menu, but you can order one from the bar.

The menu has a dishes common to all Trisara restaurants. The one at Durbar Marg, however, has an added Indian food section. They’ve added it so that people can come and have lunch. One of the owners of the restaurant tells me that the music will be a bit different to the one in Lazimpat. Here the music will be mellow as only a single singer will grace the stage as compared to the full band at Lazimpat.

Durbar Marg is a place frequented by tourists, both domestic and international. In an area where most restaurants stop taking orders at 9 PM, Trisara will take orders till 10 PM or even later.

The space above the restaurant is ideal for private functions. Around 60 people can be catered to, comfortably. There is a big screen which will be used to screen big sporting events in the days to come.

Published on March 8th, Thursday, 2018 12:41 PM

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