Attic restaurant review: The old eatery tries to please different groups of patrons in its new place

Attic Restaurant has changed its location only; it has not changed its essence. The place has the same charming staff, a unique ambience and a good range of food.

The new place is even better than the last one in Tangal. This one is more open, cosier and has something in it for everyone.

As you enter the place, you’ll feel like you’re in a lounge with its comfortable sofas and neat décor. If you climb a flight of stairs and decide to sit upstairs, you’re bound to get a different experience as the setup is that of a fine dining restaurant. If you want to enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee with someone, the back of the restaurant has a café-like seating. If you just fancy getting a drink, the bar is separate from the restaurant, which means the place offers its customers something different each time they come and dine there.

The restaurant has also changed its menu a bit. Given it is now located near a residential area, the owners decided to add more Indian dishes to the menu. Along with that, they have also added a few more oriental and continental dishes as well.

To start with, you can go for the Sichuan corn and chicken satay.

The Sichuan corn is quite different as it has a bold spicy and smoky flavour. The corn’s sweetness complements the Sichuan sauce’s spiciness which makes the dish a decent starter. This quick corn stir-fry is packed with flavours, Sichuan hot chilli oil and peppercorns give the sweet corn lots of yumminess.

The chicken satay is also equally yummy. Perhaps it is the best dish you can eat there. Juicy and full of lemony and spicy flavours, the dish is a must-try. The peanut sauce isn’t the best, but the delicious chicken makes up for it.

For the main course, you can go for the mutton biryani. The dish comes with a bowl of raita, a mango pickle and a side of sautéed vegetable, which add extra flavour to the dish. The popular rice dish isn’t oily and is quite good, even without adding raita to it. The meat is tender and full of flavour and adds more essence to rice. Not the best in Kathmandu, but on par with a lot of restaurants.

The place serves a range of continental and oriental dishes which makes it ideal for everyone. The range of drinks is available. The sheer size of the place makes it a good place to host private and public functions as well. The menu is on the pricier side, but the ambience does more than makes up for the prices.

As you leave Attic, you might think: When you go to a restaurant, sometimes the food should not matter. Of course, the food has to be good and the food here is good; but what makes the place better is the ambience it offers. There is something for everyone and that is why you should definitely give this place a go.

Location: Gyaneshwor (Opposite Manorama Mill)

Timing: 10 AM – 11 PM (Everyday)

Phone: +977 01-4417843 / 9801222550

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