Garage Lounge and Bar review: Foodies can park themselves here with unique drinks and foods

People of the Kathmandu Valley love their foods and drinks. That is quite evident when you see bars and restaurants here full of people, especially during the weekends. In search of such a place, I stumbled across Garage Lounge and Bar, a place in Jhamsikhel which serves a wide range of both food and drinks.

Opened five months ago, the place has a rustic feel to it. Designed by the owners themselves, the place, even though simple, has a certain charm which not many places have in the Valley. The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant is the bicycle that’s hanging on the wall. The old bike is surrounded by pictures of classic cars from the early and mid-1990s along with a tyre rim that tells you the time. These things give you a feel that you’re in a different world altogether.

The owners named the place Garage because they wanted it to look like the one; not like the garages you find here in Nepal, but the ones people have in their homes abroad. And they have actually done a good job with it, especially the manner in which they have lighted the place.

After a quick stroll around the place, they bring us something to drink. Each bar needs to have a drink that is unique and we are introduced to theirs. The waiter brings us ‘Bijuli’, a vodka-based cocktail. True to its name, the drink comes on a bulblike glass which is pretty neat. The drink has tequila, vodka, blue curacao, lemon juice and a dash of sprite.

The blue drink is a pleasant surprise and tastes quite nice. Not very strong, the drink is perfectly blended and has a peculiar kick to it. You have to try it just for those awesome glasses.

Bijuli cocktail

While we sit there admiring the cocktail, the food arrives. First comes the sandheko momo. Initially you can be quite skeptical about it, but the dish is quite tasty. The momo steamed then fried and seasoned and marinated with herbs, spices and lemon is a perfect appetiser to start your meal. The dish goes perfectly well with Bijuli–which makes this dish a must when you visit Garage.

Sandheko momo

Then we are served chicken schnitzel, which comes with a mild mushroom sauce on top. The tender crunchy fried chicken breasts go quite well with the dip on the side. The chicken without the dip is also  just as good as it is rich in taste and full of flavour. But the dip adds an extra zest to the dish which makes it even better. This is sure to go well with a cold glass of your favourite beer.

Chicken schnitzel

Lastly, you can try chicken peri peri. The grilled chicken is juicy and seasoned quite well. The sauce that comes along with the dish compliments it and gives it extra flavours. The seasoning is good and different from other similar dishes available in the Valley.

Chicken peri peri

The bar also serves pizzas, burgers, and other quick bites that go with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Garage Lounge and Bar which accommodates 80 people is a place ideal for office farewells or birthday parties. Four private rooms are good for small functions as well.

Overall, this is a place you should visit at least once. The ambience, the staff, the food and the drinks all complement one another, which will really make you enjoy your time here. The place will soon be opening for breakfast too.

Location: Opposite St Mary’s School

Phone: 9823211215 or 01-5528258

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM (Will open for breakfast from 7 AM – 10 AM soon)

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