For better relations, New Delhi should stop micro-managing Nepal: UML leader Bhattarai

¬† Kathmandu, January 26 Relations between Nepal and India will improve only when India stops micro-managing Nepal, a leader from the main opposition CPN-UML has said. Speaking at a programme in the Capital on Thursday, CPN-UML secretary Yogesh Bhattarai expressed hope that Nepal-India relations will move ahead by upholding bilateral interests. He pointed: Nepal has […]

Government-sponsored Charter Amendment Bill will serve no purpose, says Upendra Yadav

Kathmandu, January 26 In the eyes of Upendra Yadav, president, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, the government-sponsored Constitution Amendment Bill is useless. Yadav, speaking at a face-to-face that Reporters’ Club Nepal organised on Thursday, Yadav, who is also coordinator of the¬†Federal Alliance, said: The Amendment Bill is of no use. Even if the Bill sails through […]