(Updated) Elections to be held on Monday in Dakneshwori of Saptari

reluctance to vote
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Kathmandu, May 13

The Election Commission says voting underway at a voting centre in the Dakeshwori rural municipality of the Saptari district in Madhesh has been cancelled.

The commission says there will be voting again at Hariraba Janata Secondary School in ward 2 of the municipality on Monday, May 15*.

A source inside the commission says the constitutional body cancelled the voting held today as an unsatisfied group broke the ballot boxes and scattered the ballot papers at a voting centre in Dakneshwori.

“It won’t be possible to continue voting today. We are holding an all-party meeting there,” the source says.

The dispute started there when a voter who could not cast his/her own vote asked the help of the voting officer there. But, when he offered the help, representatives of political parties accused him of choosing candidates other than those wished by the voter.

They also beat up the voting officer of Dakneshwori municipality.


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