Patan Museum turns a new leaf two years after the Nepal Earthquake

Two years ago, the earthquake severed the entire east side of Sundari Chowk. Now the area is home to the newest wing of the Patan Museum  If you roam the now renovated Sundari Chowk in Patan Museum, you see hardly any scars of previous damages it sustained. The elaborate windows and torans stand majestically bearing […]

Kartik Naach: This centuries-old festival of Patan celebrates devil’s defeat every year

As I roam around the alleys of Patan, I see a certain buzz in the people around. Everyone seems to be in a rush. I stop and ask a little boy why he and everyone are hurrying. He replies “Katti–Pyakha”. Started by then King of Patan, Siddhinarsingh Malla in the 17th century, Katti-Pyakha or Kartik […]