Jyapu museum is where history is being told through household objects

For hundreds of years, Jyapus, an indigenous group of Newars known for their agricultural profession, had been deprived of education due to occupational hierarchy within the Newars. They were limited to the fields, where they used their traditional tools to grow food to feed the community. But the times have changed. The members of the […]

Indra Jatra: Why Kathmandu remembers King of Heaven every year?

Kathmandu, September 3 The festivities¬†of Indra Jatra, an eight-day annual festival to be celebrated in Basantapur and other parts of Kathmandu Valley, has begun on Sunday. The festival began today as a tall lingo (a specially selected and revered wooden pole) was erected in Basantapur today, the 12th day of the waxing moon in the […]