Yomari Punhi/Udhauli: Public holiday in Kathmandu on Sunday

File: A Jyapu Diwas/Yomari Punhi celebration
File: A Jyapu Diwas/Yomari Punhi celebration

Kathmandu, December 17

The government has announced a public holiday in the Kathmandu valley on Sunday, December 19, on the occasion of Yomari Punhi, Udhauli, Jyapu Diwas and Dhanya Purnima festivals.

The Ministry of Home Affairs says in a statement on Friday that a cabinet meeting held on Thursday made the decision. The ministry says communities celebrating these festivals will also get a public holiday outside Kathmandu also.

Whereas Yomari Punhi and Jyapu Diwas are celebrated by the Newa people, natives of Kathmandu, Udhauli is a big festival of the Kirant community. Many other communities also celebrate different festivals on this day in different ways.

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