Khokana hasn’t stopped producing mustard oil, but the mode of production has changed

Bhim Lal Maharjan, an 81-year-old resident of the ancient town of Khokana in southern Lalitpur, harks back to the good old days when he used to carry a kharpan (a bamboo pole to carry goods by balancing it on the shoulder of the carrier) carrying mustard oil and roam around the Kathmandu Valley. “I used […]

Photo feature: Varied interests of sadhus have made Pashupati area colourful on Shivaratri

As Hindus across the world are celebrating the annual Mahashivaratri festival on Friday, the Pashupati area in Kathmandu has turned livelier than ever. Thousands of sadhus, primarily from Nepal and India, have gathered around the key shrine of lord Shiva to celebrate the festival. Interestingly, the sadhus, who have the sole mission of getting closer […]