Nil Barahi Naach has been going on for four centuries, will it survive the next decade?

Sujeet Balaya’s life changed when he decided to play one of the deities at the annual Nil Barahi Naach, a traditional dance performed at a small Newari settlement of Bode, east of Kathmandu, a day after the Gai Jatra festival. Every time a person playing one of the 19 ‘deities’ in the animated procession of […]

Journal that ‘corrected’ Nepali history is on its deathbed

Nepal’s prominent historian Mahesh Raj Panta celebrated his 75th birthday last week. This happy-go-lucky scholar is not much concerned about the difficulties of old age. There is something more important that haunts him. Panta, a member of the Nepali history revisionist school, and an editor of its ‘quarterly’ journal Poornima, says the iconic publication awaits its […]