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‘Youth returning to Nepal due to Covid-19 have power to lead country to agricultural independence’

With food supply systems obstructed after the country went into lockdown imposed to control the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the idea of self-sustainable agriculture has received public attention again. Nepal has always been introducing itself as an agricultural country; however, be it lockdown, blockade or other crises, the country’s miserable condition in the sector […]

7 Steps to Sustainability: Nature lovers in Nepal resort to social media to promote innovations

As environmentalists across the world celebrated the World Environment Day last week, they had some exciting updates. With humans detached from the outside world during the lockdowns imposed to control the coronavirus outbreak in different parts of the world, scores of research data and their analyses have shown that the ecosystem balance, otherwise distorted by […]

Amid lockdown, Nepal’s ‘first’ virtual art exhibition heralds new era

When tourism entrepreneur and art-enthusiast Rajan Sakya thought of opening an art museum at Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel last year, he was full of hopes. Initially, he planned to inaugurate the Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA) on February 2, 2020, which was later rescheduled for April 4 citing growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. […]

Nepal lockdown continues leaving scores hungry. But, there are a few who feed them

It is over 10 days ago when Easter Giri and some of her friends noticed that some people were staying under the Dhobikhola bridge near the Om Hospital in Chabahil. They did not take a longer time to assume that they were stranded there due to the ongoing lockdown imposed to control the coronavirus outbreak […]

#NEPALVSCOVID19: Nepalis devise virtual solutions to Covid-19-induced health, education problems

Across the world, many cities have been in lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The lockdown has bound many of the people within the walls of their houses, but it has not been able to restrict their minds. In this new normal, many are using virtual communication mediums and have come forward with […]

They had option to go back, but these foreigners chose to ‘live’ Nepal lockdown

Every night, thousands of people are leaving the Kathmandu Valley to go back to their villages despite the lockdown restrictions. With the extensions of the lockdown and low or no source of income, people are compelled to leave the city in the hope to get food and live a dignified life, even if it means […]

In locked down Nepal, podcasting thrives to spread positivity and preparedness

With more than 25 days into lockdown, people have come across a number of ways to entertain themselves and become occupied, exploring new things and learning new skills. One of the many explored ideas, during this lockdown, is podcasting. The Nepali podcasting community is thriving during this situation, with new and old podcasters getting more […]

With several jatras called off, Kathmandu welcomes New Year in silence

Probably for the first time in history, major festivals of Kathmandu Valley have been cancelled or postponed one after another. From the longest festival Rato Machhindranath to the one-of-a-kind Handigaunko Jatra, and from Biska (Bisket) Jatra to Seto Machhindranath Jatra have been affected. Meanwhile, the rath (chariot) construction of Rato Machhindranath in Pulchok, Patan has […]

Duty in difficulty: How food delivery platforms in Kathmandu work during lockdown

People across the world and in Nepal are praising and clapping the security personnel and health workers, who are working at the frontline to control and combat the outbreak of novel coronavirus. Indeed, they deserve such respect and no one should raise any question. However, it is not only the security and health workers who […]

With more online classes, lockdown may lead Nepali education to digital transformation

On March 20, when Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli announced the closure of all the organisations except those providing essential services as a preventive measure to control the outbreak of novel coronavirus in Nepal, all educational institutions were prepared to shut down. But, Sanu Maya Bolon, a BBA first semester student at King’s College in […]

In lockdown, Nepali artists too thrill audience online. Will it set a new stage in the long run?

Wuhan is the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak that has gone pandemic today. But that’s not all, Wuhan also became the epicentre for a new trend of livestreaming, especially by singers, artists, and celebrities. Nepal has been on lockdown since Tuesday, combating against the fear of the coronavirus outbreak here; and some artists here are […]

Vox pop: Amid global Covid-19 crisis, Nepalis abroad have different concerns

The coronavirus pandemic has now reached over 168 countries with around 459,800 cases. Though Nepal has recorded only three cases so far, in its bid to control the spread, the government has taken the country on lockdown. Other countries in the world have adopted different measures to control the spread. Many governments have imposed a […]

Paachahre: A lively festival of Kathmandu is locked down in coronavirus crisis

Regarded as one of the busiest, crowded areas of the Kathmandu city, Ason today has thinned out amid the fears of coronavirus. On the second day of Paachahre, one of the important festivals celebrated by the Newari community in Kathmandu, the city usually would have the streets abuzz with people, music and other celebratory activities. […]

Taleju Temple opens for the public once a year. But, for local Manandhars, it’s a fortnightly affair

Almost everyone who knows there is the Taleju Temple in Hanumandhoka of Kathmandu also knows that the temple opens for the public only once a year, on Mahanawami (ninth day) of Dashain festival. But, there is a group in Kathmandu that has access to the interior of the temple every fortnight, 24 times in a […]

Junkiri: Library that aims at illuminating the world for Nepali women

Pushpa Basnet’s Putali ko Ghar, Sushila Karki’s Nyaya, Parijat’s Adhyayan Ra Sangharsha, and Jhamak Kumari Ghimire’s Jiwan Kaanda Ki Phool–they all talk about women and their struggles in life, roads to success, morality for women, and their way of living from their own perspectives. However, such works of art have somehow been restricted to the […]

Chir: This component of Holi festival has stood the test of time

At 7:57 am on Tuesday (March 3), some hundred people will be gathering at Basantapur to erect a wooden pole, named Chir, to mark the beginning of the annual festival of Holi/Phagu Poornima. Whereas the wooden pole heralds the spring festival every year, for a community in Ason of Kathmandu, it is an embodiment of […]

Samyak Mahadaan: After five years, 60,000 people offered ‘great sacrifices’ to 146 deities in Patan

With a participation of over 60,000 people, the latest edition of Itilahne Samyak Mahadaan concluded at Nagbahal of Patan on Thursday. The festival takes place every five years, meaning the next will happen in 2025. Samyak Mahadaan is a collective event where the people from all over Kathmandu Valley, mostly Newars, come together. The festival […]

Sri Lanka’s ‘withdrawal’ from Rato Machhindranath reconstruction exposes multiple problems

The god of rain, Rato Machhindranath, perhaps would not bless the traditional farmers of Kathmandu Valley with good harvest and prosperity this monsoon also–for his house, the Rato Machhindranath Temple, located in Bungamati of Lalitpur, has not been rebuilt yet. Nearly five years have passed since the 2015 earthquake, but one of the key cultural […]

Bihani Social Venture: Elderly care as an enterprise

White hairs, wrinkled face, a cane for walking and a slouched-over body; that’s what most of you associate the old age with. But when you see a group of senior citizens practising t’ai chi, you will feel shocked, right? There are a lot of stereotypes associated with old age. Now, there is a group of […]

Occupy Tundikhel is over. What did it achieve? What next?

Three months ago, a group of citizens in Kathmandu launched the Occupy Tundikhel campaign with the overwhelming participation of people in Khulamanch, an open ground in central Kathmandu. The citizen-led three-month campaign advocating the need for open space in Kathmandu and urging the concerned parties to stop the encroachment of Tundikhel, which also includes Khulamanch, […]

‘Swasthani was written in Nepal Bhasha before Nepali; two-thirds of current text are additions’

For most of the Hindu households in Nepal, the Swasthani Brata Katha needs no introduction. This religious text, a compilation of mythological stories about the goddess Swasthani and other Hindu gods and goddesses becomes a part of daily life for an entire month every year. Whereas the monthlong ritual is quite popular in Nepali villages, […]

The story behind Swasthani devotees’ long walks from Sankhu to Pharping and Panauti

Every year, around 300 people stay on the bank of Shali Nadi in Sankhu of Kathmandu to observe the monthlong Swasthani brata festival, in the hope of having their wishes fulfilled. Whereas the sojourn itself is full of hardship, the devotees also travel miles on foot as a continuity to the centuries-old tradition. Devotees consider […]

Away from home, Swasthani devotees suffer a lot, but they are hopeful and happy

Whereas the monthlong Swasthani Brata, a religious ritual observed in the month of Magh (January-February), is a fun affair for many locals of Sankhu, an ancient town on the eastern side of Kathmandu, it means something different from Jeevan Shrestha. In the past two decades, he has been considered a living god himself every fourth […]

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