Preparations underway to widen major crossroads in Kathmandu

File: The Naya Baneshwar crossroads
File: The Naya Baneshwar crossroads

Kathmandu, January 13

The government has started preparations to wide major crossroads in the Kathmandu valley. The Ministry of Urban Development has started discussions on the plan with stakeholders.

In particular, the ministry is preparing to make the Naya Baneshwar crossroads wider as instructed by the Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri.

The ministry’s spokesperson Bishnu Prasad Sharma says wider crossroads will also be helpful in holding crowds during disasters such as earthquakes.

To launch the project, Minister Jhakri is preparing to table a proposal at a cabinet meeting as soon as possible. “Once the cabinet consents to the plan, the ministry will start the work,” an official says, “Because the minister herself is initiating this project, it might complete the project earlier than other projects.”

However, managing compensation for the locals losing their land for the project will be tricky as the ministry does not have enough funds, according to the official.

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