Why do you accept Hinduism? Baburam Bhattarai questions Dalits

File: Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, September 5

Former prime minister and chairman of the ruling coalition member Samajwadi Party Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai, has commented that Hinduism has discriminated Dalits as ‘people originated from feet’, questioning why the community still accepts the religion.

“Why do you accept the religion that claims you were born from someone’s feet and that begins your disrespect and discrimination from birth?” Bhattarai questioned leaders of the community during an event in Kathmandu on Thursday.

“Either the religion and its scriptures have to be corrected or you have to give up the religion,” Bhattarai added, claiming Rigved, one of the oldest Hindu scriptures, divided people into different castes.

He also gave them an example of BR Ambedkar, who led India’s constitution drafting, claiming he was born a Hindu, but later converted to Buddhism in final years of his life.

Bhattarai said he was ready to bear the brunt of the sins that he had to face for questioning the caste system.

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